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Lamport DAO is back with Only possible on Solana Hackathon

Starting from 1st August to 21st August 2023

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25 Tracks
$100k Prize Pool
1 IRL Location

Hackathon Tracks


    25000 USDC

    Compression Track

    Utilize the new State Compression primitive on Solana to build OPOS experieces. Consumer facing applications preferred (but not required).

    10000 USDC

    Integrate with Jupiter

    Integrate with Jupiter's API in an existing product or create a compelling new use case using Jupiter.

    75 bSOL

    Liquid Staking

    Through the OPOS Hackathon, we hope to encourage builders to integrate BlazeStake’s liquid staked SOL (bSOL) into payments systems, NFT mints, staking UIs, rewards protocols, DeFi platforms, and more.

    8000 USDC


    Show the power of fully composable on-chain order books.

    8000 USDC

    Integrate with Raydium's CLMM

    As part of the OPOS Hackathon, Raydium is sponsoring $8,000 in RAY prizes for integrations utilizing Raydium's Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker. Compose on top of Raydium's CLMM to build a product or tool set for liquidity providers that is Only Possible On Solana.

    8000 USDC

    Put Idle Capital to Work Earning Yield with Dynamic Vaults

    Integrate Meteora's Dynamic Vaults into an existing application or create an exciting new use case that leverages Meteora's Dynamic Vaults at its core.

    6000 USDC


    Showcase the DePIN community on Solana. DePIN = Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks.

    50000 HXRO

    Build-Your-Own Perps DEX

    Foster and incentivize creativity/originaility for how different consumer-focused trading applications can be built on top of the Hxro Networks’ Derivatives Protocol, Dexterity, where developers can focus solely on the UX of their product without having to worry about building their own On-chain Trading Infrastructure thanks to the Dexterity SDKs & the Flowmatic API

    5100 USDC

    Build & Contribute with SonarWatch

    Innovate with DeFi data by using our open-sourced DeFi Portfolio API.  Build on top of our API to create the next financial dashboard and applications for end-users. Contribute to our list of supported protocols to increase the DeFi coverage.

    5000 USDC

    Product Demo

    Create a PoC product that helps best showcase what Solana is capable of.

    5000 USDC

    Best product using Solidity on Solana

    Using Solang, build a product with Solidity on Solana.

    5000 USDC


    Build applications using Ironforge.

    3500 USDC

    New NFT use cases

    Build new applications pushing the boundaries of NFTs

    3200 USDC

    Build with Shyft

    Create Web3 experiences only possible on Solana.

    3000 USDT

    Reinventing Prediction Markets

    To improve and enhance the prediction market & sports betting experience on the Monaco Protocol

    3000 USDH

    Build a Kamino Analytics page

    Build an analytics page for Kamino - the leading liquidity yield aggregator - that gives people insights into the protocol and their own portfolio

    3000 USDC

    Mobile Apps on Solana

    Ship more Solana mobile apps to onboard new users, show novel use cases and inspire more devs.

    3000 USDC

    Automated Treasury Management

    The goal of this track is to encourage the development of innovative projects focused on automating routine treasury management tasks for teams. We're particularly interested in projects that integrate Squads and Clockwork to facilitate financial tasks like automatic payroll/transfers, stream payouts, with spending limit implementation.

    3000 USDC


    Integrate the Audius API or log in with audius within your social app.

    3000 USDC

    The Link is the Wallet - TipLink

    Send digital assets on any platform w/ a link, or IRL (QR/NFC), utilize cNFTs for onboarding at scale, Create delightful consumer experiences, payments, gaming, loyalty, social, create a flow to send links to anyone over any platform (website, discord, email, twitter, etc) or IRL (NFC/QR codes). The amazing thing is, the link is the wallet!

    2500 USDC

    Pioneering Privacy: ZK Innovations Only Possible on Solana

    Elusiv is bringing a suite of zero-knowledge encryption features to Web3 that together overcomes a major industry pain point: ensuring privacy remains a human right without sacrificing security and decentralization.  The Elusiv SDK is now fully open-source and ready for use on Solana mainnet. The SDK enables programmable privacy, allowing builders and developers to integrate zero-knowledge technology into new and existing applications like wallets, DeFi protocols, payment solutions and more. This includes private transactions, swaps,NFTsn and more. The first version of the Elusiv SDK will enable developers to integrate private sending functions. This is ideal for wallets and payment solutions. Senders of a transaction would benefit from complete privacy, effectively encrypting the origin of the payment. The mission for this bounty is to build an MVP with the Elusiv SDK for a new or existing application.

    2000 USDC

    ZK / Privacy track

    fast, generic privacy for games, DeFi, NFTs, social, payments,... directly on the public L1 base layer is OPOS.

    2000 USDC


    Build something cool that uses Sphere for payments.

    2000 USDC

    Gaming: Compressed NFTs

    Build the tech to showcase the power of compressed NFTs for Solana games, and open it up for any Solana gaming project to utilise.  Think Solana NFT RPG characters which store their in-game achievements on-chain via compressed NFTs, or Metaverses that players can evolve from on-chain compressed NFT governance. Let your creativity go wild!

    2000 USDC

    Real World Assets: Real Estate on Solana

    Build and deploy an arbitrage bot that can programmatically restore balance to skewed markets on the Parcl trading platform. This would potentially reduce funding costs and improve UX for real estate traders on Parcl.

    1500 USDC

    Make NFTs Fun Again

    Utilize Night Market's open-source marketplace contracts & SDK to integrate NFT commerce in a limitless number of ways! The Night Market SDK offers NFT secondary marketplace functionality out of the box for social, DeFi, and other platforms.

    250 USDC

    DEX Tooling

    Explore different tooling and consumer-focused applications built on top of Sujiko (Solana's 1st NFT perps DEX).

    69000000000 BONK

    Building with Bonk

    Focus on use cases for the Bonk token, utilizing it in new parts of the ecosystem

    250000000 GUAC

    A Fresh Bowl Of Guacamole

    Use your imagination! Create open source & novel integrations, DeFi use cases, or games that focus on allowing tokenized communities like GUAC to expand. Bonus points for also integrating NFT collection capabilities alongside SPL functionality.

    2 MAD LADS


    Publish an innovative application that users will love, whether on or off-chain, as an xNFT. xNFTs offer the most flexible and accessible distribution layer in crypto. Distributed in tandem with Backpack, xNFTs offer a direct path to customer acquisition.

    2500 USD

    LiveQuery Analytics

    Flipside Crypto recently launched LiveQuery, a way to integrate APIs from other data sources with the Flipside database to create powerful dashboards and analytics. With its integration with Helius, you can actually make calls to Helius APIs directly in SQL and join them against other existing datasets opening up the analytical possibilites for Solana data analysts. Create a new dashboard on Flipside leveraging the Helius API that highlights a component in the ecosystem that is only possible on Solana.

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